Sweet Little Tuesday

Last semester while I was in Auburn, God began burdening my heart for my hometown Montgomery and the middle school girls in our community. As I prayed, I just really felt that burden getting stronger and stronger. I began feeling God calling me to lead a middle school girls Bible study in our city. As all my friends in Auburn were getting ready for the summer, they were getting camp counseling jobs in Colorado, Texas, etc and internships overseas, I was thinking Montgomery? Really? You led me to Auburn to lead me back to Montgomery? I trusted Him and went for it! With the encouragement, prayers, love and support from many moms, friends, and family, we started Mother’s Day weekend with a Moms and Daughters Bible study. One thing I think is so important with middle school girls is not just their relationship with Christ but their relationship with their moms. I believe if you can really connect with Christ in middle school and you can strengthen your faith now, you can make it through anything satan throws at you. And if you can allow your mom to not just be your disciplinary but your best friend in middle school, high school will be so much easier. I missed out on having my mom a lot of years because of understandable reasons, but I’d do anything to get those years back. I stress that with my girls! 

Last Tuesday, July 23, was our second to last Bible study for the summer. We were starting at 4 and at 3:26, my nerves were shot out the roof for the first time since the beginning. As the 37 girls who came that day begin piling in and getting louder and louder, I’m stuffing my face with chez mix, chugging a Dr. Pepper in the kitchen trying to act like my hands weren’t shaking out of control! I texted a prayer warrior and got a quick pep talk from that amazing woman of God and I was good to go. Talking about jealousy last week was a hit close to home and a request from many girls! I had no talking, no interruptions, just a whole lot of eyes and a whole lot of what seemed to be listening. It was amazing! I don’t know how much they heard me say but it really seemed like they were listening! Talking about Leah and Rachel, I learned myself that jealousy only destroys you because most the time you are jealous of something that person can’t help. Leah and Rachel spent their whole lives jealous of each other for what the other one had. Rachel died giving birth, which she envied Leah for and begged God for. And Leah was envious of Jacob’s love never realizing she had it, being the one buried next to him. They worried so much about what they didn’t have that they never enjoyed what God had given them. You aren’t going to have everything, you’re not going to have everything you want but don’t waste the time you do have and the blessings you do have worrying about what you don’t have. 

I love my girls! It is the last place I ever saw myself, but it’s now the only place I want to be! I couldn’t imagine spending my summer doing anything else! I am so pumped that it isn’t over and I get to spend the rest of my life ministering to the people God puts in my path! Thanks for being on this journey with me! 

Xo Amy

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