Keep Fighting

I haven’t said much about the way Brittany Maynard chose to end her life and I won’t. But this article ( sparked something in me and I will say this- As a daughter, I watched my dad battle cancer for six hard months. We had good days and we had bad days. Some days he was so sick we didn’t talk much but some days he was at my softball games and basketball games. He took us to church and we had some of our greatest conversations. Though he was sick, in pain and sometimes even miserable, I never would and I know he never would have given up his fight and lose those days he had with us. I know Brittany Maynard didn’t have children but she had a family. And as a daughter and granddaughter who has lost my dad, grandfather and grandmother to cancer I see Brittany Maynard as a coward but like all of us, someone who needed Jesus. It breaks my heart that she didn’t feel loved enough and worth enough to fight. I am thankful for my dad, my grandmother, grandfather and people like Michelle Myrick who fight and who live the life God gave His Son for us to live.

We don’t get to choose when that life is over, this life is not ours to make that decision. Brittany Maynard not only gave up but she took a serious issue of suicide and mental health and she played with it to slap every suicide victim and family in the face. Suicide is a real mental result of illness. Doctors should never allow patients to take that for granted and the media should never give someone so much attention for an action that so many people in very dark days face the temptation. If you struggle with suicidal thoughts, please know you are worth it. You are worthy enough to life this life that God has given you. God cares for you so much and He has plans for your life! He will never lead you to place where there is no hope left.

06630018 Thank you Dad for teaching me the meaning of life. For sharing with me the hope you had in Christ and living for that hope every day. Thank you for difference you made in hundreds of lives before and during your sickness. Cancer didn’t beat you, Jesus won you! I am so thankful for your fight, for showing me how much you loved me and fighting for every minute with me. I am thankful that we get spend eternity together worshipping our Savior. I love you Daddy and miss you every day. You’re the best dad I could ever imagine having and I am thankful that you chose to fight for every day the Lord gave you! I wouldn’t want anyone else as my dad, even if I could have anyone else for the rest of my life. I’d pick the eleven years with you.

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