I Thought You Already Were?


I am thankful and blessed to accept the official position as Girls Minister at First Baptist Montgomery.

“I thought you already were?”

11063674_997622670251028_7081734460790171490_nTwo and a half years ago, I realized that God was not calling me to go back to Auburn for my junior year after being in Montgomery for a year building and cultivating relationships for Girl Talk Ministries. As I began realizing I would need something to support me as Girl Talk continued growing, I reached out to First Baptist Student Minister, Russell McCrory, not really knowing him. I met him when my best friend spoke at their student ministry Wednesday night service earlier that year and saw him again at a citywide Disciple Now. I later met with First Baptist Pastor, Jay Wolf, that summer, after telling my mom I felt called to full time ministry. She wasn’t really sure what to do with that so she called her pastor to meet with him but he was out of town so she called Jay Wolf. She had no relationship with him but I know the only reason God worked it out that way is because a short time later Russell would go to him asking for a position for me

13419122_10207581505868393_6814219912308651830_nI never saw myself working at a church. I never felt called to church ministry. I still don’t. When I asked Russell about any ministry opportunities he knew of for college students in Montgomery, I wasn’t asking for and never expected him to offer me a job. Like I said, I didn’t feel called to church ministry. I was talking to YoungLife at the time exploring options with them and just wanted a student minister’s opinion. Pastor Jay told me to find something to support me while my ministry grew, so I thought Russell would know of something. We never knew what that would bring, but God did.

Right before I reached out to Russell, he told me that he and the former associate student minister had talked about the need for a consistent female in the ministry. Two weeks after Russell asked me about the possibility of coming on the student ministry team as an intern to see the potential of a Girls Ministry, I was sitting in staff meeting starting this possibility of a Girls Ministry at First Baptist. We didn’t really know what it would like or what it would be, but we felt confirmation that God had us all going in the right direction on something really good

So today, two and a half years later we have officially “established” our Girls Ministry and I am officially “Girls Minister.” This, to me, just means that this is no longer a position we’re trying to create and see how it goes. To me, nothing has changed but this means that  God has worked in and through our Girls Ministry and it is here to stay. And if God decides to call me to another place, then another Girls Minister13938481_10208018062022024_7249117633145096590_n will be hired. Lots of people hear “Amy is the Girls Minister now” and say I thought you already were? And it’s an incredible honor because I have been just that and I have able to do so much as we have tested out this ministry. And now we’ve made it!!

I work with the 5th-12th grade girls building relationships and discipling. I also work with 1st-4th grade girls helping out when needed around the Children’s Ministry. My favorite thing is GAs. One of my favorite things is to partner with the 7th grade girls in helping them get them involved with our student ministry and start them in small group. I 13321824_10154364277692275_1807250794921715426_nmanage all of our small groups, all girls events, Nehemiah Christmas project, Graduation Recognition events and my most fun blessing is discipling girls and helping moms, who are their daughters’ first girls minister. I love being around girls. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It’s draining some days. It’s answering a lot of questions and taking a lot of hugs. But it’s so fulfilling. It’s so rewarding. It’s so my calling. And I’m thankful for the opportunity every day that I am blessed with because of Christ’s Great Love and Faithfulness

I still don’t feel called to church ministry. But I feel called to First Baptist Church and I don’t think that will ever change. Girl Talk is still number one on my list and God is doing incredible things through our ministry as we become a 501(c)3 along with our boys ministry and supporting our missionaries in Honduras and Girls Ministry there. First Baptist is an incredible place and I have gained and been
11164558_10204928505185034_4991383899740079121_nstrengthened by the support, family, love and prayer I have from so many people. And I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without the
support of my spiritual mentors and bonus parents- my pastor and pastor’s wife. I’m so thankful to be right where I am. God is soooo good. I never could have imagined how great life would become when I took this job in August 2014. Thank you to all the girls, parents, church family and prayer warriors who have been on this journey with us! I’m looking forward to all the incredible things God has planned for our First Baptist Girls Ministry.

Xo Amy


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