I remember when God gave me a microphone for the first time and I just laughed at Him! I thought He must be crazy!! I cannot speak. I am the girl who has thrown up because I just SAW someone I thought hung the moon and You expect me to speak in front of an entire church. HA! I not only laughed then but the next time and the next time and the next time! Now I just praise Him for all He has done!

He has given us all a story and I would love to share mine with you! Elementary, middle school, high school, college, women’s event, student ministry event, retreat, anything! God doesn’t allow us the heartache to just sit back and be glad it’s over. He allows us the heartbreak so that we can grow and then we can walk beside the next brother or sister going through it and help them along their way. I love speaking! Not because I’m perfect or because I’m even confident behind a microphone because I’m not. The thought of taking a public speaking class still freaks me out and I still sit in a crowd completely frozen when it’s open mic and I know God is calling me. But we all have a story and there is someone who needs to hear it, I’d love to share mine with you and your group!



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